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A Sacrifice of Praise

A Sacrifice of Praise

A Sacrifice of Praise

What does that really mean?

What is “A Sacrifice of Praise”?

A sacrifice of praise is not just a popular song that some of you might or might not remember.  A sacrifice of praise is more than just a cute Sunday School phrase.  What’s a true sacrifice of praise?

It’s praise when you don’t want to.

It’s praising God when a hurricane has just ripped your home and your belongings away from you.

A sacrifice of praise is when your wife of 5 years decides to quit & instead you serve by driving the golf carts on Sunday.

A sacrifice of praise is singing as loud as you can even when you’re silently holding back and ocean of tears.

A Sacrifice of Praise is continually engaging in a conversation with God when the adoption agency calls back saying the birth mother changed her mind.

A sacrifice of praise is when your phone rings with the recording of “Love you daddy. Love, love, love you.” and you realize you’ll never see her again.

A sacrifice of praise is whipping out the debit card and tithing even though you’re about to be homeless.

The ultimate sacrifice is to lay down your life for your friend.

A sacrifice of praise is what you do when it hurts.

When it hurts.  Then it’s a sacrifice of praise.

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