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An open letter to Flippa

stop using knock off WooCommerce Extensions

Dearest Flippa,

First, I don’t mind your service.
Actually, I’m quite fond of the set up you’ve got. Having bought a few key domain names that total up to over $10,000 in my (short spanning) lifetime, I’ve got to say that I really appreciate the set up with and how you’ve managed to integrate that into the system.

I know you guys get the “domain flippers” all the time. Folks who simply snag a url from someone else, juice up the UA-XXXXXXXX properties and pageviews via bots, add some sales, then re list the domain with incredibly juicy new stats and figures. It’s something that the Average Joe might not be able to spot, and I’m ok with that. It happens. I understand.

But that’s not why I’m writing.

It seems to me that there are indeed some good, quality, content driven, valid, real, useful, and authentic sites that are listed on Flippa. And, while a few auctions are a bit shady, I would like to ask you to publicly do one thing that will give your platform a bit of clout and respect amongst a good deal of people:

Stop listing auctions when the phrase WordPress is clearly in the domain name.

At this point in Flippa’s existence, surely I’m NOT the only one who has pointed out that using “WordPress” in the domain name is clearly a violation of WordPress’s Trademark.  It’s just not possible that you are completely naive about this.  I know that you’ve been told countless times that WordPress is NOT allowed in the domain name.

….many times.

And, yes, I have read that it’s “someone else’s” job (the trademark holder) to send in a notice.  But come on Flippa, you know damn good and well that WordPress is NOT supposed to be in a domain name.

I guarantee that if you will put out a public notice that you will NO LONGER tolerate auctions of a site with “WordPress” in the domain, the attention and respect you will find from the World Wide Web will far outweigh any of the minuscule commissions that are lost by removing those domains.


Let’s face it ~ I’m just one dude.  But think of all the other folks out there who look at Flippa’s platform and see these auctions, and simply walk away.  They walk away from listing their domains, and they walk away from buying a domain as well. That’s a lot of QUALITY users who simply have zero respect for Flippa when we continue to see these types of auctions listed.

  • We all know, and fully understand that you do not and can not control what domain names people purchase.
  • But you DO have and you CAN control who lists which domain names on your site.
  • No one’s asking you to play trademark police for every url on the web, but this one’s a bit obvious.
  • You have every ability to NOT let these auctions appear in the first place!

So, I’ll say again, please

Stop listing auctions when the phrase WordPress is clearly in the domain name.

Thanks! -Brad.

If you’d like to read Flippa’s Copyright & IP Policies and you’d like to contact them with a link to this post or your own rhetoric, Flippa’s contact form is here. <– convenient.  I know 😉

4 thoughts on “An open letter to Flippa

  1. Great Article! OK, I’m actually just testing the Gravatar image for Network Shared Media
    So, how does it look?

  2. Great PSA. I’ve seen those on Flippa (and Sedo) and wonder how many people buy them then find out they are basically useless (I also wonder how many of the sellers know it).

  3. Can you do the same for the Republican party? They are bad for the planet. Why is Trump so popular? The USA needs to set the upper bar, not the lower bar of standards ?
    I love ur posts n blogs. I’m not sure why this is a mission for you, seems out of character given what ive seen so far from you?
    If Trump is popular it says something about I.Q. levels n why WPHerc’ can exist. Fighting those of low I.Q. is a war that can never be won. Bad luck for Flipper.

  4. I have no clue what any of these blogposts mean. Way over my head. But GO YOU!

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