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Community Behaviours

I’ve got a question on a site that I want to make for the community. It’s a bustling suburb of Fort Worth, and I want a place where folks can connect, post, read, report on something, rant, …whatever.  But here’s my questions / concerns:

Surely someone has done this before and can help me find an example, right?

  • I would hope so, I’m just not finding any

I love Ultimate Member, and I’ll probably be utilizing (dang near) everything they have for this community website!

How do I prevent spammers from registering on the site?

  • Not just with a captcha for bots, but for literally making sure people are indeed from around our town?  A captcha with a specific question and answer about our city comes to mind.  Any other non highly time consuming suggestions? (In other words, I ain’t setting up a billion IP filters or MaxMind for this site)

I want people to be able to post whatever they’d like, but make sure that there is a way for the community to self regulate?

  • In other words, some cornhole thinks they’ll be funny by posting their stupid garage sale and giving it the category of ‘news’. Is there a way for the community to flag things for the wrong category or something similar? …and, if it receives ‘xx’ # of suggestions (flags) for a different category, then the post automatically goes into that category? I have neither the time nor patience to regulate drama 😉

I’m thinking Garage Sales, businesses posting whatever they want ~ sales / community events, even get some of the city folks posting whatever they need to.

I don’t mind putting a grand or so into this, but under the category of ‘monetization’, I’d like it to be as free as possible.

Just looking for something that’ll get people to connect with the community better.

…and I’m both overwhelmed with options, and ‘how’ to implement everything.

Thoughts are greatly appreciated!

***I’m kinda stuck at trying to make sure I anticipate as much beforehand behaviors as possible.  Please understand that a SIGNIFICANT number of these people will have had ZERO prior experience with WordPress***

So, in your opinion, what would be the ultimate setup for a small town, local, newspaper, type of site?

  • Garage sales
  • Buddy Press to connect graduates of a certain school by graduation year in ‘forums’
  • Business listings
  • Front end posting
  • Ultimate Member to connect folks
  • Ability to review businesses
  • Let local businesses make posts
  • ……… ____________??

 Think a little bit of Yelp + posting stuff on Craigslist + ‘social network’ + front-end-posting + …whatever!

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