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DFW WooCommerce Meetup

DFW WooCommerce Meetup

Our first DFW WooCommerce Meetup is happening soon.  Watch the video below for you chance to jump in, answer a few questions, learn and grow with WooCommerce!

Are you ready for the First DFW WooCommerce Meetup?

I am!! …and I hope you are as well.

1. ) Where

After you watch the video, let me know in the comment section what the best area of town is for you.  For the sake of the group, it needs to be somewhere that is central to both Dallas and Fort Worth.  Somewhere slightly east of the DFW airport seems appropriate.

2. When

We need to have our first meetup probably before kids get out for their Christmas break.  The beginning of the new year needs to start with even better WooCommerce Websites, happier customers, and more sales! (…right?) 🙂


4 thoughts on “DFW WooCommerce Meetup

  1. RT!! @WooCommerce @Meetup #DFW #WordPress #WooCommerce

  2. RT!! WooCommerce Meetup #DFW #WordPress #WooCommerce

  3. I live in Rockwall but will go as far as mid-cities area….airport, etc.

    Tough to get one in in December (traveling) but I will be there if I am in town.

  4. I’m fine with the north dfw airport area. That is easy to get to off 635 or George Bush gets you into that area. I attended a conference at the Hilton Hotel there in Grapevine near the mall. The hotel staff was great and it was a wonderful facility. Not sure on pricing what kind of deal they would make — The food was excellent and, again, the staff was very helpful and they seemed interested that we were there. There are also a number of restaurants in that area that might work. Not sure if any of them have a large enough room for this.
    I prefer food – and something more than just dips and chips — but if you need to do a hotel just for the meeting room, I would be ok with that. I am also fine with everyone ordering from a menu and paying for our own food as we go.
    I have an on going event on Tuesday evening — so my preference is another night – and yes, a night meeting is best for me.
    DFWSEM Meets at a Noahs Conference Center in Richardson. They have two other facilities in the metro area. One is in Irving. Not sure, I like the location, but will throw it out to you. Again, I don’t know cost — just that it is a great venue with lots of tables, power point and audio already set up ready to go. I’d like for you NOT to schedule a meeting on the same night as DFSEM. Not only do I attend, but I think we could draw a good number from that group.
    Thanks for your work on this. I’d like a meeting prior to the end of the year– Although Christmas week is a little hectic for me.

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