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Flippa Crap – Flippa Listing

Thoughts on how to buy domain names is towards the end.

His private response is absolutely priceless! please do NOT fall for this kind of junk! Flippa Listing
There’s a few holes in this listing that the buyer apparently doesn’t want folks to see. Click the image to get to the listing.

Let’s go over a few things real quick.

The image of the person is clearly a picture of someone else.  It might make you think this is a happy smiling dude, but chances are very, very high that this is not …authentic!

WPHercules Seller
WPHercules Seller? Does this look legit?

So, the image of the face which is giving the potential buyer a bit of reassurance that this person is real is actually a bit misleading.


Now let’s look at the claims:

First, I want to show you what someone else already mentioned in the comments:

WPHercules rights to sell?
Does this guy actually have the rights to sell this?

Now, in order for a buyer to not get screwed LEGALLY and FINANCIALLY, then the seller of wphercules (Coropo) needs to have exclusive written permission from the original owner.  And, if the seller is legit, then he’ll happily provide it in Flippa’s platform to show everyone else.

Instead of answering this simple question, here’s Coropo‘s reply

What made it suddenly change?
Instead of answering the question, the auction suddenly changes to a BUY IT NOW

So… let’s get this straight.  He will NOT or can NOT answer the question, then almost magically the listing is changed to a BUY IT NOW option.  Hmmm…..  So what is behind this comment right here:

Great Question, Now where's the answer?
Great Question, Now where’s the answer?

Here’s a link to and a link to  Are they the same thing? Absolutely! Does the seller actually have permission to resale something as his own?

Now take a look at #3 of the Software License Agreement for ProfitFunnelSystem –>  What does #3 say?


And Corops reply, as you can see from the screenshot before, was basically that any and all potential buyers would have to go ask Brett Ingram:  “I bought WPHercules off this very site from the original owner, Brett Ingram. Feel free to contact him to verify this.” So either Coropo does have the rights to resale this, or he does not.  Which is it?

For anyone with the I.Q. above that of toast, it would seem as though there’s something shady going on here.  But let’s move on to the deleted comments.  Don’t forget, I’m somewhat interested in this domain, but this guy’s attitude is starting to go downhill fast.  When he starts taking others (me and / or potential buyers) down that path with him, it becomes a very slippery slope.  And possibly with no way to unbury himself out of the own hole he dug.

Here’s what I asked:

@stevem5 @wfence:
#3 does say (amongst other things) “You may not create a script with the Software to be sold as part of any product or service.
If you cannot abide by these terms, DO NOT BUY THE PRODUCT.”

I would hope that the seller does indeed have written permission, a hold harmless claim, and some type of “….without recourse” dialogue in those docs.

This whole set up reminds me of those guys that take out a domain name with “WordPress” in the title (you’ll see ’em here on Flippa as well), then they need to get rid of the site once they get a notice from The WordPress Foundation’s lawyers.

It’s a nice catchy name with ‘some’ (albeit questionable) content. but…..

This seems like a drama mess waiting to happen. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure someone will buy it! But the actual value here is clearly in the domain, and perhaps that’s a bit rough looking as well.
Scroll down to the second chart and you’ll see, although the site was (Dec & Jan) getting links, those links are dropping as site owners have removed the links (Jan forward) and now the dropped links are actually now MORE than the inbound links.

Now that I see all the stuff from the other new comments (well, specifically @stevem5 & @wfence), this site looks to be something that someone should buy for ONLY the url!
Especially with the new publicity, I could easily see the new site owner opening up a cute little letter with a nicely written “surprise” in it. No guarantee, but still, why am I gonna pay $3k to take that risk?

So, that leaves us with the question, “If one were to completely remove the current content, is the domain itself valued at $3k?”

I’d love to see other’s thoughts on the url. I could write a bit more research, but @wfence, @stevem5, or anyone else…. who else has thoughts on just the url alone?

Seems pretty simple right? The guy’s drama get’s even better…. watch this:

So, he deletes the comment, and when I post it again, he deletes it again. So, I ask another question: Don’t forget, each comment is also emailed to buyers as well!

Seriously? You’re just asking for all these bidders and everyone who has commented on here to use my real name, find me on Fb, Twitter, or on my own site, then contact me and ask me what the comments were that you deleted?

uh…ok. The term ‘shooting yourself in the foot’ seems appropriate.  You do realize that everyone get’s a copy of the comments emailed to them as well.  So they see the email, click the comment, open up the listing, then see that you’ve deleted the comment.  Don’t you realize how that makes YOU look?

Why don’t you just tell everyone what’s really going on here. Some of us are indeed willing to make honest deals, we use our real picture,, we use real names, real business names, and we don’t do shady junk like deleting comments when people ask legitimate questions.

IF you don’t like the questions or the discussion, then you don’t have some magical right to use Flippa as your own smoke-and-mirror carnival ride.
And, calling people names pretty much implies that, YES they will indeed have to follow the thread (listing) to see what else you’re going to do or say.

Which of course he subsequently deleted ~ obviously.

I’ve used Flippa before.  Once as my personal name, and a few times on corporate accounts.  If you total all the purchases up, it’s well into having 5 digits.  I have also paid 4 digits for domain names independent of any ‘domain selling platform‘ as well.

I like using Flippa b/c they have a built in Escrow system that’s integrated with their selling platform.  They have public comments where potential buyers can discuss things with other potential buyers, and ask the seller questions as well.  Buying a domain outside of something like Flippa is definitely possible, but it’s best to have some type of buyer and seller protection independently set up.  Here’s a few things to look out for though

  1. Is the buyer willing to publicly answer questions?  If not, then is the buyer willing to privately answer those questions? If not then you know you need to move on!
  2. Does the buyer fully represent the figures and numbers, or do they consistently have to …correct… their original docs, figures, and how they originally represented the site?  If you read the comments, you’ll see that this seller has to answer, amend, and correct several of the originally presented points as the comments start coming in.  Which is not good.
  3. Oh, and if the buyer ever, Ever, EVER tells you and your questions to “Get Lost”, then the listing is definitely not worth even one penny!
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How to NOT sell a website or domain, authored by Coropo
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