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Responsive Design

Responsive Design is something we’re all concerned about.

There’s nothing worse than spending hours cranking out divs and making the site, uploading it, then having someone come back later and say that something doesn’t work on their mobile device.
There’s actually a really simple way to test your site for responsive design.

  • No, you don’t need to put it in some quirky url to test it.
  • You definitely do NOT need to buy some type of ‘program’!
  • You don’t need to find a friend for each type of mobile device & ask them to test your responsive design.
  • And, you certainly do not need 5 or 6 different screens to check your site’s design!

Using Chrome’s inspect element, lets test the site on dozens and dozens of different devices.

Ready? Here we go.

You’ve now tested the site’s design on dozens of different devices, switched the orientation between portrait and landscape, and even made sure it works on a Blackberry (???)

Boom. Done. Finished. Check.

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