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WordPress Speed

WordPress Speed

…and why it matters so much!

On this site, I was tasked with speeding up WordPress when it’s calling a TON of images from an MLS feed (real estate). Now this is almost impossible to get any type of decent score in any page speed test. Why? Because the bulk of this site is composed of things that I can NOT control.  After watching my vid, if it seems like I’m tooting my own horn – I apologize! Keep watching though and you’ll see the “why” behind the “what”)

And that’s what I want to point out. As I browse this site, watch how the menus and the sidebars are loading so fast that it almost looks like the only thing reloading is the content in the lower right. While it may look that way, the sidebars and menus are indeed reloading each time a link is clicked.

See it has nothing to with a number over in GTMetrix or Pingdom.  It is all about keeping the viewers attention! It’s about:

WordPress Speed
WordPress Speed is about FOCUS!!

I want you to think about the dings and the beeps and alerts from Slack, from Gmail, on and on they go… no matter where you are.  Now imagine your customer browsing your site.  Are you giving them time to think about something else? If it takes a few seconds for them to get to the next page on your site, then ‘YES’ you are.  And it’s really critical to keep someone’s attention and focus on your site.  Especially on a WooCommerce site, but moreover on any and all sites!

It’s absolutely imperative that you do not give your visitor time to get distracted.

  • You need them to complete the sale
  • You need them to go to the next page in your funnel.
  • You need them to finish the checkout.
  • You need your visitors to have a site that loads fast!

WordPress Speed Test

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  2. @halgatewood ah… poop. {{digs through errors}} Any idea why I’m stuck in ‘test mode’? Woo’s stripe conflict? THX!

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