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I saw something, and Y-O-U need to know ‘why’ I’m sharing

Ya know what folks, I gotta stop a minute and give a GIGANTIC Shout Out to someone……

I’m a member of a lot of groups, forums, paid memberships groups, private groups, (and more)…. but the other day I saw something in one of these groups that I want to share with all of you.

We all know that WordPress has updates, WooCommerce has updates, plugins and extensions have updates, and then…. the theme itself has updates. {insert Jaws music here}

Now, most of you have experienced something breaking causing you to lose sales. You whack the update button on WordPress, WooCommerce, another plugin, or the theme and then…..

ah $h!t [email protected] Dang!t Son of A Mother Trucker (or US Navy rhetoric)

Then you’re left with payment gateways that don’t work because of a conflict, outdated template files that make your site looked jacked up or completely “white screen” to death. Maybe something else happened, but the end result is still nothing but frustration, right?

So, I saw Tommy asking questions about a FUTURE (beta) release of WordPress and FUTURE (beta) release of WooCommerce, I picked up on what he was doing IMMEDIATELY!!!!!

  • ….hell, I thought I was the only idiot who runs nightly bleeding releases of WordPress (for those who don’t know, that’s like the ‘alpha’ version that comes out before ‘beta’)
  • ….. on php 7.1 (dear God Brad, why?)
  • ….. with WooCommerce Beta straight from Github (seriously Brad?)


There’s only a few authors from ThemeForest, that’d I’d ever, Ever!, EVER! trust to run a money making, dollar shaking, client viewing, customer facing site on. Some of the authors over on ThemeForest are total :poop: & they simply threw in declaration for WooCommerce Support seemingly just for the sake of sales. Want to argue my opinion on that observation? Good Luck!

It’s very seldom when I see a WooCommerce Theme over on ThemeForest where I can actually TRUST the author, the support, and the future development of their theme to run a profitable WooCommerce site without problems incurred by updates.  Maintaining forward compatibility with WordPress and WooCommerce is absolutely imperative!

When I see someone working out bugs, tweaking lines of code, and even commenting on WordPress core updates, opening trac tickets, testing anything on WooCommerce Beta, I can know and trust that “whatever-they-are-working-on” is going to be good.

It’s going to last.

The person (or team) behind the project (in this case a WooCommerce Theme) actually has the character to care about the product they are delivering to their end user.

Kyle and I have met for BBQ here in Fort Worth, and I’ve seen him and the team push out updates to their theme that are rightly aligned with WooCommerce updates. I know without a doubt that I can trust AJ from WPExplorer with the Total Theme.  And after years (yes, ~indeed~ I said YEARS! I’m a tough sell!!) of watching Tommy and the crew at, I can fully, whole heartedly, 100% recommend that your next them be the Flatsome Theme!

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WooCommerce Errors with ThemeForest Theme

WooCommerce Errors with ThemeForest Theme

Be (VERY) Selective when running a WooCommerce Site with a Theme From Envato

This video comes from a post in the WooCommerce Help Facebook Group. If you’re not a member come join us!

In this video, the author of a topic kept having errors with WooCommerce.  But were the errors really from WooCommerce, or were they from something else.  As it turns out, the errors were caused by the theme. What happens when your WooCommerce powered site goes down?

  • You no longer get to proce$$ any order$  (do I need to elaborate on that one or are the subliminally obvious dollar signs enough?)
  • Any visitors that you’ve gained via advertising on AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, or organic SEO are now G-O-N-E! It’s hard to bring a visitor back and gain trust for an online store running WooCommerce when their first visit leads to nothing but errors!
  • People who have previously visited the site and not completed their order (for whatever reason) are no longer interested in completing their transaction because of the site’s errors!
  • Anyone with a previous order who has a desire to place another order from your WooCommerce site ….well: They are gone as well! Don’t forget, out of all the sites in the internet, yours is merely ONE of them. It’s too easy to shop online at another place when one site has errors!

So, let’s watch the video and see what can be done about these WooCommerce Errors with ThemeForest Theme.  MORE IMPORTANTLY: Please prevent this from happening in the first place by telling others!

Tweet it. ReTweet it! Share it on your Pinsta-Tweeder-Gram-Book-Forum! Something!!
Never Forget: You Gain Value When you Share Valuable Information



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Video Downloading Site

What would be the ideal / best / smartest theme and set up for this scenario:

  • Churches (and other organizations I guess) need background loops for worship music.
  • They come to our site & download them.

Pretty simple, eh?

Now, here’s the hair-splitting details:

We already have about 100 that we use on a pretty regular basis, and we can crank out a bunch more in a heartbeat.  So…

  • Would the consumer want to pay once and download a certain amount?
  • Or pay a smaller monthly membership amount to have XX# of new background loops each month added?

Here’s a few other sites to reference – please tell me your thoughts:

So, who can recommend a few themes and/or plugins that will get this done?  What’s been your experience with those themes / plugins?  Any hindrances that you can think of before I begin this journey?

Thanks! -Brad