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Girl in A Country Song

Girl In a Country Song

Girl in A Country Song

...and people wonder why a guy from a small town suburb of Fort Worth does NOT listen to country music (usually) I'll say that Girl In A Country Song is one of the exceptions!

Someone showed this to me and I just had to pass it on .

Maddie & Tae talk about being country girls and I really wish every person – guy and girl – would please watch this video!

Ladies, can I tell ya a secret?  The overall demographic of “men” is changing.  Don’t get me wrong, there are still, and will always be typical men.  But in general, if you want a guy with a bit more quality, don’t put so much focus on your tan, your hair, your butt (well, ok a little!), on your looks, your smokey eyes, how much leg can hang out of your shorts, how much (whatever-the-lower-butt-thing-is-called) can hang out of your shorts, your nails, and how much cleavage you can post on Facebook.

A cute butt is great.  But in today’s world, if you want a good man, get a bit-o-character, and don’t be a typical Girl in a Country Song.


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