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If you know of someone who’d like to go to this, please let me know. I live in the DFW area, and it’s a quick 4 hour drive (or depending on Texas driving, about 3 hours!). And I will give a ride to any veteran who’d like to go to this.

What is HappyJoe? Well, I won’t do a huge behemoth of a write up.

Go check ’em out for yourself:


Now, here’s what I’d like to offer. ┬áSince HappyJoe is one day earlier than WC San Antonio, I might as well make the drive a day early.

If you find anyone in the DFW that’d like to go, and the only thing keeping them from going is a ride, contact me at howdy (at) and I’ll give ’em a ride.

But I won’t stop there.

I’ll also hook ’em up with some type of lodging and a ticket to WordCamp San Antonio.

Bravo Zulu to anyone who takes me up on this offer.

Thanks for sharing and getting the word out.

…man, I wish this happened about 9 years ago after I was in the Navy.

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