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Huge Shout Out To SiteGround

A few days ago in a WordPress Facebook Group, someone mentioned that SiteGround was giving away free tickets if you tweeted and wrote something up.  I figured, “Meh…. What could it hurt to see what happens.” And so I did.

….and here’s what happened.  

Well heck. Slap my fanny and call me Bertha, I actually won something.

I’m still not sure what to think.  I’m not much into entering contests, and …sure enough.  I go to enter one and I win.

Irony = I don’t gamble, …yet I entered a contest …for an event in Las Vegas ….and ….I won.

I’m absolutely thrilled that I get to go hang out with all the geniuses and rocket scientists!!  I’ve just always been one that thought going to something like this was an accomplishment, a level, an ‘I-have-arrived’ type of thing.  Shoot, can I be really honest with ‘ya?  Normally, when someone sends me a problem, question, or tweak, I just find the code, send the new code back, or just log in via their ftp and fix it for ’em.  And only last night, I actually figured out how to do a ‘pull’ request on!

Seriously folks. Can you see why I’m feeling a bit ….??????….. “outta my league” with this snhindig?

 I still hate spending money on me when there’s three little girls running around.  I can tell ‘ya right now that the whole gambling money thing still seems ‘weird’ to me (totally not sure why but… I’m supposed to put money down on a number and this black and red spinny wheel thingy is supposed to do what exactly?  Uh…. Nah….  I’m good. Thanks though!) Some people get their kicks off the whole Vegas strip thing.  I’m just not seeing it.

What I am excited about is learning!

See, up to this point, I’ve gone to as many WordCamps as possible. I’ve watched countless hours of YouTube videos.  Signed up for all sorts of classes here and there.  But when it comes down to it, I’m not exactly sure of some things.

…and of course, I could spend the rest of my day writing up all the things I’m anticipating and excited about, but the main point is that I really just want to make sure that they hear me say:

Thank You!

Your gonna want to and  <– Hint: This guy will be giving away something free as well!!

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  1. SiteGround is one of most favorite Bulgarian companies. Congrats on winning, Brad – have fun there!

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