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WooCommerce Help

WooCommerce Help

I want to start a dialogue about WooCommerce Help & Struggles.

If you’re coming here from a social post, please comment HERE so that I’ll be sure to see your answers. 🙂 Thanks!  And a reshare on the twidders and spacebook would be appreciated as well.  I really want to understand and know what aspects other people struggle with as well (and not just my own)

WooCommerce is powering thousands of WordPress sites.  More importantly, it’s also powering a lot of people and families as well! So, regardless if you’re an Advanced WordPress user, Advanced WooCommerce ninja, site owner, developer, retail store owner, small agency, or anyone else, I’d like you to jump in with a comment.

Everyday I hear and see people, individuals, & families that are dependent on their WooCommerce site to simply work.  That’s it. Plain and simple. They just need it to work, work correctly, and not break.  Lest we not forget that almost every WooCommerce site needs to be tweaked and customized for each particular store.


Let’s be brutally honest:

  • Families are dependent on a retail store’s capacity to process online orders and when their website breaks, it jeopardizes anywhere from 30, 40, 60, even 80 percent of their income!  For some of the “higher-end” retail chains, any hiccups in their site results in hundreds of thousands of dollars in lost revenue.
  • Wait, you know that mom who sells via WooCommerce? Her site accounts for HALF of the families monthly income.  What happens when her site breaks and she needs some WooCommerce help?
  • Ya know that guy that is a missionary in Myanmar who has an awesome affiliate site running WooCommerce? His site isn’t hugely popular, but it does generate enough income so that he can focus on building schools, facilitating water wells, and stay focused on doing his mission work.  What happens when he clicks the ‘update’ button and something breaks?
  • There’s a local coffee brewer that could generate a third of his monthly income through auto-shipped orders of his coffee.  What happens when he wants to ramp up his sales so that he can have the profit to give away to his favorite charity?
  • What about the performance company who generates 90% of their revenue from online ticket sales? What happens when they are in the peak of ticket-buying season, and something doesn’t work right?
WooCommerce Help
Let’s open up a dialogue about honest WooCommerce help

There’s people at the other end of every ecommerce site!

  People, companies, and families who depend on that revenue.  To whatever degree, and to what extent is a variable.  But at some level, you’ve got to realize that ecommerce powers lives.  Plain and simple.

  1. Why is it that Jimbo’s website is getting more sales than the next site?  Jimbo’s family is better off, he has more income each month, and his life is much fuller than the next site. It’s just a simple WooCommerce site. Why is his site performing better?
  2. Do the product layouts need to be changed so that the customer can see more detail about each product before engaging, clicking, and ultimately purchasing something? Or do you even know?
  3. Is the site taking enormously long to load, thereby killing any potential for sales?
  4. Is it actually easy to navigate from the customer’s point-of-view?  …or just your P.O.V. b/c you’ve made the site?
  5. How trustworthy is your site? Are there credible reviews or is the review section simply still showing a blank and empty area as you “pucker and pray” that someone, somewhere, someday will leave a review on the site?
  6. What about analytics? Do you have a clue where your visitors are really coming from?  And then what they are doing on the site?
  7. Is the sales funnel actually working, or do you not know because you just Googled the phrase “sales funnel”?
  8. How is it that a local restaurant is generating thousands of dollars in revenue each month, yet the next guy isn’t?
  9. Why does one store have all their shipping process nailed down like a well oiled machine, yet the next person can’t quite figure it out?
  10. How did that guy make the checkout process so fluid on his site, yet the next site is littered with abandoned carts?

Honest Answers Produce Honest Results!

So, let’s open some honest dialogue.  What dynamic are you struggling with?  SEO, visual layouts, shipping, load times, customer engagement, reporting, shipping, or something else? Be specific. What struggles could be overcome that will leave you feeling like this?

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4 thoughts on “WooCommerce Help

  1. I’m usually available for the odd wc job; setup, tweaks, small plugins and support.
    You can always ping me via mail or fb for a quote.

  2. I’m having a WooCommerce issue…When I get an order it processes and then the order cancels if I don’t catch it in time and manually change it to complete. Payment goes thru np. (And I’m getting no notifications after I receive an order) any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated!!

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