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WooCommerce Meetup

WooCommerce Meetup | DFW WooCommerce Meetup

Are you ready to take your online selling to the next level?

Then meet me at the DFW WooCommerce Meetup!

WooCommerce Meetup
WooCommerce Meetup

WooCommerce is the most talked about and popular eCommerce platform, downloaded over 7 million times and running over 650,000 stores on WordPress worldwide. This meetup is for people in central or greater Dallas/FW – and beyond – who have an interest in WooCommerce and are wanting to share ideas with like-minded web folk, and learn from experts on specific topics (including workshops and code-a-longs).

Ideas are always welcome, but here’s a brief rundown of what we’ll share together at the DFW WooCommerce Meetup

Speed: How long are visitors waiting?

User interaction: How well can people navigate your store?

Social Validity: Are you missing sales b/c of no reviews? We can definitely help each other out 😉

Help w/ Advertising: Let’s collaborate on what works, and what doesn’t

Custom functions and tweaks: Let’s get ’em done!

Plugins: There’s a lot! So, how can we help?

Details will be updated on the Meetup page for the DFW WooCommerce Meetup.

Join us over on Meetup!

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  1. Can I Skype in?

  2. RT!! @WooCommerce @Meetup #DFW #WordPress #WooCommerce

  3. RT!! WooCommerce Meetup #DFW #WordPress #WooCommerce

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