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Dear Postmatic,

I saw there’s a Beta, and I almost cried.

I did not know there was a beta, that I haven’t tried.

Then I saw a Facebook post that showed of the new Postmatic,

and I had to ask now, because I simply must have it!

PHP7, Woo Beta, & WP 4.5 nightly bleeding edges

Is one of Brad’s WordPress pledges:

“To test shit, break it, and learn something new

on a daily basis” it’s just what I do.

So I ask you please (don’t make me beg)

I’m neither joking, or kidding, nor pulling your leg.

Please sign me up to test new releases.

For if you don’t, my heart could shatter to pieces.

The widgets, the signup boxes, fly-ins, & top bar,

without any branding? That’s far above par!

I always love the “end-user”. Hence I love Postmatic.

I await crying in the fetal position


…in my attic.


6 thoughts on “Postmatic

  1. Hahaha, this is awesome, Brad – well played! If these cold-hearted SOB’s over at Postmatic don’t give you beta access now, well…. I just don’t know what to say. 🙂

  2. At a quarter to midnight, all snug in my sheets,
    I heard the soft twinkle of many tiny tweets.
    Could it be i’ve said something undiplomatic?
    No! It’s a love poem! For our baby: Postmatic.

    It seems one of our users is dying to know
    What we’ve created for darling Postmatic two-oh.
    It’s taken three people almost a year to create.
    We want perfection (at a nice low baud rate).

    Thank you Brad. We feel very blessed.
    Come down from the attic, we need you to test!
    Straighten your back!. Have a few tries…
    At digests, bulk sending, and inline replies!

    A zip file is coming with docs in advance.
    Break it hard, break it well, leave nothing to chance.
    We love email and making old tech feel anew,
    But today our hearts go out to users like you.

    Much love.

    – Team Postmatic

    1. Well played, Postmatic – well played. 🙂

      1. Test
        Epoch, No WP Super Cache, PHP7, WP 4.5-alpha-36291,

        1. It’s working fine for me right now.

  3. Interesting way of blogging Brad. Well done on your response Jason.

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