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Addicted to Publicity Crack

If it's on Facebook, it must be... good for me, true, believable, current, and ....
If it’s on Facebook, it must be… good for me, true, believable, current, and ….
…first off, there’s a ton of back story to this lil’ piece, but I’ll just start typing and you can fill in whatever blanks you want…

Ok, I’m glad you took out a domain name.  Look, I did too.  It wasn’t that difficult.

I’m glad you bought some godaddy hosting, and threw up a free wordpress theme, and now (another) website has been made.

But please:

Try to post something original!

No really, this should NOT be this difficult  (…yet some people bite into the apple like it’s crack!)

  • Yes, I get that there is a Democrat as the President.
  • The world is coming to an end….
  • America is on a moral decline and it’s a horrific tragedy that our government officials….
  • And,  Christians are being attacked by the liberal media…
  • And, insert the latest  scandal here __________________________________.


Quit recycling something that happened years ago giving no attribution that it happened years ago, just to stir up viral …crap!

A few (of MANY) that I’ve seen recently:

God’s Not Dead


Sounds like a movie I’d love to go see.  I’ve liked their Facebook Page.  One of their posts comes up in my news feed. I click it. Read it.

Then, wondering what the “Emily Brooker Intellectual Diversity Act” is, I google it, and find out that this incident happened in 2007.

Like LeVar Burton said, “Don’t take my word for it.” Feel free to Google it yourself <-convenient, bite sized Google search link

Now, this type of article just seems to scream out at me


ok, dude.  quit yelling though!  All caps?

Seriously though.  Why do website owners repost things that happened years ago just to stir up viral crap?

  • Yes, it’ll stir up a mess.
  • Yes, the comments on the God’s Not Dead Post are insanely predictable.
  • and, Yes, very few people realize that this happened in 2007 under a (shhhh) …political-party-that-most-Christians-actually-like-and-identify-with


So, the reality is that it’s not some hot-off-the-press ‘new’ story about how Christians are getting persecuted by the current administration or society at large. (Please note – should you comment in err:  I did NOT say that Christianity is not under attack; but – specifically – that this story is almost 8 years old, and definitely NOT recent)  Let’s move on.

At any point in the God’s Not Dead promotional post, did they mention that this incident happened all the way back in 2007? NOPE.  Why not?

I’m not sure! I’ve sent a message.  I’ve posted the question.  …and no response.  Again, let’s move on.

Promotion of a (possibly great) movie is to be expected, anticipated, and hopefully has a bit of integrity to their advertising.  But when I see articles like this, whatever it is that is being promoted seems to consistently and immediately lose credibility!

Be it a political candidate sharing a web page on Facebook & Twitter, a website for a book, some crazy person trying to get folks to believe their side of a story, some “grassroots” organization trying to “raise funds”, or anything else….  The process is old to most people, yet some are still addicted to the media ‘crack’.

For the sake of time, I need to skip the second (of many) examples  I was going to use. But the formula I’ve seen is really consistent:

  • Make post or page about something that will go viral.
  • It doesn’t matter when it actually happened.  As a matter of fact, be sure to give absolutely ZERO reference as to when it actually happened / who signed the bill / what the real outcome was / …
  • Just make sure the content will get people all up in a tizzy.
  • Make sure the aforementioned ‘tizzy’ is grand enough that those people will repost, like, share, comment, tweet, retweet, email, and tell everyone about the content.
  • Hope that they aren’t using Chrome; they don’t highlight a phrase / person / bill / amendment / or anything else; and then right click > Search Google for …..  (someone might see a tad bit more info that what was originally intended)
  • Lather
  • Rinse
  • Repeat

I’m not the only one who sees this and get’s tired of it.  A majority of my peers are really savvy at spotting this type of publicity crack.   Sadly though, this continues to happen to a lot of ….issues that I hold near and dear to my heart.

Sad face.


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