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Video Downloading Site

What would be the ideal / best / smartest theme and set up for this scenario:

  • Churches (and other organizations I guess) need background loops for worship music.
  • They come to our site & download them.

Pretty simple, eh?

Now, here’s the hair-splitting details:

We already have about 100 that we use on a pretty regular basis, and we can crank out a bunch more in a heartbeat.  So…

  • Would the consumer want to pay once and download a certain amount?
  • Or pay a smaller monthly membership amount to have XX# of new background loops each month added?

Here’s a few other sites to reference – please tell me your thoughts:

So, who can recommend a few themes and/or plugins that will get this done?  What’s been your experience with those themes / plugins?  Any hindrances that you can think of before I begin this journey?

Thanks! -Brad

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