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Segmenting EDD customers with Sprout App’s New Extension

Know Your Customer

About 2 years ago, I remember hearing about a man named Dan Cameron.  He wanted to start a better invoicing system for those of us using WordPress.  And, after a bit of funding, a little bit of testing, and some great user experience tweaking, Sprout Apps was born.

From the birth of Sprout Apps has grown something even more applicable for those of us using Easy Digital Downloads. And, I’ll get to that in just a second.  But let me tell you something else first.

Whether you’re using WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads, it’s always important to make sure let you know your customer.  Knowing your customer is one of the most important keys to generating more sales!

I simply cannot say that enough. But I will say it again – this time with all caps 🙂


Thank you for that momentary use of all caps.  I hope you feel better, because I sure do.  And hopefully, that minuscule anecdote helps drive home the need and helps you understand the importance of Sprout Apps newest release. If you’re using Easy Digital Downloads, and you want to improve your sales, then you’ll want to check out Sprout Apps newest extension:

Customer Segment

Mix EDD and into a Blender and waddya get? MORE SALES! #whoop!

Now, as confident as I am that you’ve already clicked over by now to check out the extension, you’re probably not reading this anymore….. 🙂  but just in case there is a few of you still reading, let me show you what it does.

The awesome part about Sprout Apps newest extension is that it will allow you to tap into different customer segments and from there you can pull things like abandon cart, add to cart, send emails and a lot of other specific customer oriented action.  But most importantly, and here’s the key, you can hook into whatever you want using


So from there, you could:

Hook in and launch an email from Mandrill, you can run an ajax request, or do any number of things, and that’s the point!

Like Pippin and many plugin authors, there are two options for this plugin.  Since it’s publicly hosted on Github, you can either check out the code for free.  Or, even better,  go ahead and

Grab a copy of Custom Segment Now!

Know your customers! I want your sales to increase! KNOW YOUR CUSTOMERS!

….crap, I did the ‘all caps’ thing again, didn’t I 

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