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WooCommerce Help Chrome Extension

Someone remind me to write some more when it’s not 1:40 in the morning.


~or this link~

~but, honestly speaking, I think that big button up there is just more fun to click~

2 thoughts on “WooCommerce Help Chrome Extension

  1. Hey Brad,

    I’m echoing a comment I left on YouTube, thanks a ton for creating a video and Chrome extension that calls us out on this usability issue. You obviously aren’t the first to unearth that issue, as you’ve said many people you’re working with miss those important links to further reading.

    We’ve tweaked the styling on those links and I think you’ll see they are much easier to spot now. Thanks again and keep creating videos pointing out our issues. 😀

    1. That looks absolutely GREAT Ryan! Although it might seem like a small tweak, I really do think it’ll make a Measurable IMPACT on several aspects of WooCommerce. Hopefully it will allow Andrew to spend more time Bowtie Shopping, allow Caleb to spend more time memorizing Leviticus, and give some relief to all the other WooNinjas!
      Most of all though, as we all preach to read the documentation | Read The Documentation | READ THE DOCUMENTATION | READ THE DOCUMENTATION!! the real winners here will ultimately be the Store Owners!

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