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Who wants some work

workitI could probably hack this out, but I’ve got some marketing cookies to jack with and some other media planning activities that are a bigger priority.  So, if this get’s done, rock on.  If it takes an inordinately huge budget to get it done, well…..  we will just have to see how this all works out.

Here’s the plugin you’ll need:

You can see the plugin demonstrated here:

Now, I sent the plugin authors this same description and they wanted upwards of $10,000 (no, I’m not kidding).

Yeah buddy, I can do it.  Gimme $10k via paypal, and I'll hook you up!
Yeah buddy, I can do it. Gimme $10k via paypal, and I’ll hook you up!

Now, I know I can get [a much smaller amount] paid from the corporate boss, but let’s be a bit reasonable here – he AIN’T gonna swing for 10 Grand!

Here’s the description:

Once the individual has put in their quantity of items, the bottom number currently is displaying square footage.  Now, if you’ll look at uhaul, or public storage, or most all self storage facilities, you’ll find that their units are not measured or marketed via ‘square footage’.  In other words, none of the storage facilities put on their website 50 square feet, 100 square feet, 150 square feet, 200 square feet, 400 square feet, or things like that.

Instead, most storage facilities have their units advertised and listed as 5×10, 10×10, 15×10, 20×10, or 20×20.
And, with only a few exceptions, most storage facilities do have their unit sizes in increments of 5.  Now, again, even we have a few exceptions, but nationwide, most of the facilities use increments of 5 to build out their storage units.

The Backend
The Backend

The Backend Should be a simple dashboard item:
Enter your available unit sizes – $variable1=length & $variable2=width  – Examples [5,5] [5,10] [10,10] [20,10] [20,20]
Enter the name of this size – $publiclydisplayednameofunit – Example [5×5] [5×10] [15×10] [20×10] [20×20]
Button prompting to ‘add another unit size’

Now for the front end.  Wait... what?  STAY FOCUSSED!!
Now for the front end. Wait… what? STAY FOCUSSED!!

The Front end for the user is fine except for that last little part down at the bottom.  Instead of sq. ft., it needs to show an actual unit name:
After the end user is done adding the quantity of their items, it calculates a variable of how much they need ($the_total_square_footage_that_they_need)
Now, instead of outputting the total square footage, it needs to display the size of their unit.
Which is derived from $varialble1 multiplied by $variable2 which would equal $total_available_square_footage_for_that_particular_unit (or whatever it wants to be called)
Then the end user’s variable – $the_total_square_footage_that_they_need – is compared to the $total_available_square_footage_for_that_particular_unit
If $the_total_square_footage_that_they_need = 174, then display $publiclydisplayednameofunit

If that doesn’t make too much sense, leave a comment and I’ll try to clarify.  Perhaps if I’d go get my tablet I can draw it out and it’d be easier to understand.

So, let’s take some bids, and give some thoughts as to how long, and how much this should take to do.

On a side note,  I hate seeing folks code and design something cool, and then leave off the pragmatic applicable side of their function.  Seriously, who cares how many total square footage they need, the customer needs to know what size of a storage unit to get, right?!?!  Great concept, but they left out the part where all that code, function and design actually helps a self storage place pay the bills!  Let’s see if we can change that….. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Who wants some work

  1. The issue is that the calculator is spitting out volume. WxLxH and the storage spaces are calculated in area WxL Do the units have a standard height? Then that could be accomplished

  2. Most units are 8ft tall. And… I didn’t even notice that the plugin was churning out volume (cubic feet)! -Interesting.

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