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WooCommerce Errors with ThemeForest Theme

WooCommerce Errors with ThemeForest Theme

Be (VERY) Selective when running a WooCommerce Site with a Theme From Envato

This video comes from a post in the WooCommerce Help Facebook Group. If you’re not a member come join us!

In this video, the author of a topic kept having errors with WooCommerce.  But were the errors really from WooCommerce, or were they from something else.  As it turns out, the errors were caused by the theme. What happens when your WooCommerce powered site goes down?

  • You no longer get to proce$$ any order$  (do I need to elaborate on that one or are the subliminally obvious dollar signs enough?)
  • Any visitors that you’ve gained via advertising on AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, or organic SEO are now G-O-N-E! It’s hard to bring a visitor back and gain trust for an online store running WooCommerce when their first visit leads to nothing but errors!
  • People who have previously visited the site and not completed their order (for whatever reason) are no longer interested in completing their transaction because of the site’s errors!
  • Anyone with a previous order who has a desire to place another order from your WooCommerce site ….well: They are gone as well! Don’t forget, out of all the sites in the internet, yours is merely ONE of them. It’s too easy to shop online at another place when one site has errors!

So, let’s watch the video and see what can be done about these WooCommerce Errors with ThemeForest Theme.  MORE IMPORTANTLY: Please prevent this from happening in the first place by telling others!

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12 thoughts on “WooCommerce Errors with ThemeForest Theme

  1. Well said Brad!

  2. Hey Brad,

    Thank you so much for the mention of my Total theme in your video 😉

    Unfortunately for compatibility we still can not select the latest version on ThemeForest via the edit product settings – 🙁 Sometimes they take a while to update their system so that we can select it. I’ll send them another reminder right now!

    By the way if you ever publish a new post about WordPress feel free to tweet @wpexplorer in the future I may re-tweet it if it provides value to my readers. Especially if you mention Total – ha!

    By the way, I haven’t heard from you in a while. I hope you are doing good!

    – AJ

  3. Well Howdy AJ! I’ve been working on and …actually I’ve gotta question for ‘ya! Remember Senior Baker’s Wizvato? I gotta get that up and running! I’ll pop an email over to ‘ya. But… at the top of the page, wanna guess which theme is going to get a big, huge, direct link? 🙂

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