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Has Automattic Been Legally Granted Rights To w-o-o

I’m not even going to try to type this out. Here’s a video with the referenced links below.

Links mentioned in video(s)
Probably the most important link:

The forwarded email from a (non-gpl-issue) person with a ‘W-O-O’ domain:

I’m writing to you on behalf of Automattic Inc. regarding your use of the Woo trademark.
As you may know, Automattic owns the Woo, WooCommerce, and WooThemes brands, as well as the associated trademarks. We recently learned of your site, which actively makes use of our registered trademark in its promotion. We are very concerned that your use of Woo will create confusion by communicating that your WooCommerce products are endorsed by or associated with Automattic, when in fact it is not.
While Automattic appreciates that you are providing products that build on WooCommerce open source software, that fact does not authorize you to use Woo, WooThemes or WooCommerce trademarks. To minimize user confusion and to protect our own intellectual property, we unfortunately must insist that you take prompt steps to change your domain name to something that does not include Woo in prefix.
For more information, please see our Trademark Guidelines:
Please let me know once these changes have been made, and if you have any questions, i’d be happy to answer them.
Kind regards,

One question to Automattic that makes all this drama become DEAD-IN-THE-WATER, ready?

Dear Automattic,can you show us an **approved** Trademark for Woo, WooThemes, and/or WooCommerce? If you can, great! If not, then let’s honestly take a look at **liability**! Do you think you should stop publicly making the claim, and stop instructing employees to send emails claiming that Automattic does indeed **own** those trademarks?


I’m not for or against anyone here. I am, however, always an advocate for clarification! So let’s clear up the bullshit in one line:

After the right has been granted to claim ownership, you can then proceed with emails and/or legal action, but simply filing an application does NOT grant any entity the right to start claiming ownership.

I have to take the kids to tumbling tonight. I have a family to take care of. I have a life that is heavily led outside a code editor, and outside of wpdrama.  If you want to debate, run your own search by clicking this link to search the USPTO database.  Remember you’re looking for approved applications (not just submitted).  You’ll probably want to use the image below, taken from this URL, as a reference.

Does Automattic even have rights to claim ownership of Woo Domains
So, has Automattic actually been given the RIGHTs to the Trademark that they are claiming they own?

3 thoughts on “Has Automattic Been Legally Granted Rights To w-o-o

  1. Thanks for doing the complete research, Brad. I have some friends that received the message, and they were scared… It’s their whole lifetime of marketing and reputation on the line. I shared it.

    I wouldn’t even get why Automatic would do that… We’re promoting the WooCommerce brand after all, and they want to take us down.

  2. I read with interest that Automattic had started this procedure, but every trademark search does indeed reveal that it’s not only been submitted, but actually dropped, leaving it with a status of: Status: 601 – Abandoned – Express, which means the legal representation or the client isn’t proceeding (at the moment).

  3. fuck woocommerce and Automattic… I emailed them 14 days ago, still no reply

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