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WooCommerce Help

Listening to WooCommerce Help

WooCommerce Help

Someone asked me ‘how’ it is that I can give others WooCommerce help so quickly.  I had to stop and think about what they were really saying.  I thought past their question. I saw their frustration.  I heard what they were not saying!
….and this is the result

I know that getting WooCommerce help can sometimes create a need for a support ticket.  But there are a lot of people who do -indeed- search the WooCoomerce docs themselves.  Hopefully someone at will see this video and make a slight tweak to their site.

You know of someone who needs WooCommerce help, don’t you?  Ok, so share this so that they can see it as well.  It really is a life changer when people are empowered with the right information.  So, share this and let’s keep those WooCommerce sites rockin’!!

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