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Speeding Up WooCommerce

speeding Up Woocommerce

Speeding Up WooCommerce helps in more ways

that you might realize.

Yes, it’s true that Google gives favor in search rankings to site that load fast. But that’s not all there is to it, and that’s not the only reason you should be concerned with the speed of WooCommerce.

It’s about the user. It’s about your customer. Speeding Up WooCommerce is, bottom line, about more sales!

Speeding Up WooCommerce
Speeding Up WooCommerce

Speeding Up WooCommerce has everything to do with details!

  1. There’s always some level of “bloat” in a theme.  The point is to have the skills and discernment to know what has to stay, and what parts pieces and files can be removed.
  2. Loading order is a huge deal.  Files need to load correctly for the most speed optimization.
  3. Images that are not offloaded to a Content Delivery Network are bogging down the site’s load time.
  4. Knowing what files can be minimized and which files should not be minimized often causes WooCommerce store owners a lot of headaches.

Your customer needs to have a site that loads as quickly as possible.  Distractions are everywhere! Now, when we talk about the innerwebs, every person is constantly distracted.  I want you to think about someone looking at your site on their cell phone.  Look at all the notifications, dings, beeps, and alerts that happen on a person’s cell phone.  Do you really want a site that loads slowly?  Of course not!  One of the major benefits of Speeding Up WooCommerce is that you retain your customers attention!

If you need some help Speeding Up WooCommerce, you can always hire me to get it done for you.

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