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tabs you might want open:
This is the call tracking, call forwarding, call recording system that we’re currently setting up.  It’s “done enough” for purposes of testing.  Now, Call Tracking Metrics has the wonderful ‘form reactor’ that’s a bit less than wonderful!  It doesn’t exactly let you edit the form itself without using the API.

Now, take a look at a few of the current subdomains:

What we need the visitor to do is to land on one of the ‘new’ subdomain pages and see something a bit similar, but…  It doesn’t need to do any of that ajax loading (or whatever it’s called) that happens once the initial button is pressed.  We don’t need the lightbox, and we certainly don’t need it loading the second side / part of that lightbox.  Let’s just keep it in one simple form.  Here’s an example of what the form should look like (obviously I just copy, pasted, and merged the two images.  So they’re not exactly proportionate.)


Nothing too complicated.  No checkout, no ssl, no transaction whatsoever actually happens.  We just need to capture the lead and what unit they want.

Now, here’s where it needs to integrate with CTM’s API. (You did open that link from earlier, right?)

We want to track how quickly the store manager is following up on these leads, so once someone fills out the form, we need it to add that person into CTM’s database.  At which point, we will also need to send an email to both the store location and the area manager.

Here’s the conceptual plugin thought:

Plugin_01 Plugin_02


I have made a pathetic attempt of copying / pasting and putting different pieces together over at  Yes, it’s wrong beyond belief.  And that’s where I need help.

I’ve got the basics of “how-to-structure-the-plugin” part of the equation.  But,  …well…. I know I could use some help with the php part, and I definitely need help with the API part as well!  When all is said and done, the people in the office should be able to run to the backend of their WP and be able to change the prices of the storage units.

On the front end, the form should allow the person to select a unit, fill out the basic info, and then the info is sent via the API into calltrackingmetrics.

Let’s do this!  Feel free to post comments in the section below, and I’ll be working [smacking my head against the wall, then jumping for joy if / when I actually figure something out] on this as well throughout the day.
Add new unit


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  1. Hey Brad,

    Reviewed your project overview and can definitely be a good resource for you.

    I have integrated a handful of call/lead capturing systems with CRMs.

    So feel free to contact me today at 972-859-0369 or if you’d like to send me your contact info I can give you a call and we can discuss your project requirements in more detail and I will provide you with a quote and timeline to complete your project to your satisfaction.

    I have extensive experience in Custom Database Driven Websites, PHP, MySQL development and maintenance.

    Please feel free to look at some examples of my work:

    I have excellent references and work reasonably and efficiently.

    Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Scott P Jr
    (ph) 972.859.0369

  2. What are needing is simple a custom wordpress plugin that does actually what you would like it to do.. API communication with Contact Form distribute to users connected to API then be able to install this on many different wordpress platforms that also are using the API just different users so different emails will be sent out.. I can do this contact mE!

  3. Hello,
    There are too many moving parts to this solution to not a least talk. I am very familiar with JSON, VOIP and lead tracking. I assuming that you are either the storage owner or the designer?

    Drop me an email with a way to contact you. Doing this professionally I have had too many bad experiances posting too much contact info online.

    Thanks, and I look forward to receiving an email.

  4. There is definately a lot to find out about this topic.
    I like all of the points you have made.

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