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What Theme

What WordPress Theme Should I use with WooCommerce

What Theme Should I Use to Power My WooCommerce Site

If I had a dollar for every time this question was asked…..

It’s really simple.  Use a Theme From WooCommerce!  

I hear what some people say about the “look” of some of WooThemes default themes.  And, sometimes I agree.  But the default styling that you’re seeing on a WooTheme should NEVER be your PRIORITY!

  • Any WordPress theme that overrides WooCommerce MUST be current with WooCommerce
  • There needs to be ZERO jquery conflicts ANYWHERE in the WordPress theme with WooCommerce’s functions
  • Your Theme Author MUST stay up-to-date (or even ahead of) any and all WooCommerce Updates.

Your job is to promote and sell!  Your job as a WooCommerce store owner should not be spending days and days and weeks and weeks waiting for a theme author to update their theme so that your site works.  Yet time and time again, I see people with broken stores on WordPress forums, Facebook Groups, lighting up my Facebook chat, sending emails, and begging for help because something is broke.  Their WooCommerce store is now broken and not functioning! They are LOSING MONEY! Every second, every moment, every click, minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day after day, sometimes even for WEEKS they are losing money because of one choice at the beginning of their journey.

They didn’t choose the right theme.

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