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WooCommerce Update

WooCommerce Update 2.5

WooCommerce Update

There’s a somewhat major WooCommerce Update in the pipeline.  For those of you who are gearing up for the holidays by speeding up your WooCommerce site, adding coupons, and creating awesome notifications…. HAVE NO FEAR!

This update is not slated for release until January of 2016.  Now, when this WooCommerce Update rolls out, some of you are going to have broken sites.  And that stinks!  ….especially since growing your customer base might happen significantly during the holiday season!

So, before January rolls around, before you click update, before you do anything else, I just want to remind you of something: (someone asked me why I’ll only use themes from WooCommerce) If your theme author does not keep up with WooCommerce Updates, you are literally rolling the dice with your family and your business income!

If you are NOT using a theme from, I want you to stop right now and forward this link to your theme author and ask this:

Are you keeping up to date with the latest WooCommerce Update?

If you do not get a response, or you get a ….shifty…. respons, I want to encourage you to go over to and look for another theme! They can all be tweaked, all the colors can change, the layouts can be modified so don’t make “appearance” be your deciding factor.

The most important aspect of running your store is for it to STAY OPEN, right?

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  1. WooCommerce Update 2.5 Are you closed or open? @WooCommerce @WooThemes @DevelopWC #WordPress

  2. But I barely recovered from the 2.4 update 🙁

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