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WooCommerce Errors with ThemeForest Theme

WooCommerce Errors with ThemeForest Theme

Be (VERY) Selective when running a WooCommerce Site with a Theme From Envato

This video comes from a post in the WooCommerce Help Facebook Group. If you’re not a member come join us!

In this video, the author of a topic kept having errors with WooCommerce.  But were the errors really from WooCommerce, or were they from something else.  As it turns out, the errors were caused by the theme. What happens when your WooCommerce powered site goes down?

  • You no longer get to proce$$ any order$  (do I need to elaborate on that one or are the subliminally obvious dollar signs enough?)
  • Any visitors that you’ve gained via advertising on AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, or organic SEO are now G-O-N-E! It’s hard to bring a visitor back and gain trust for an online store running WooCommerce when their first visit leads to nothing but errors!
  • People who have previously visited the site and not completed their order (for whatever reason) are no longer interested in completing their transaction because of the site’s errors!
  • Anyone with a previous order who has a desire to place another order from your WooCommerce site ….well: They are gone as well! Don’t forget, out of all the sites in the internet, yours is merely ONE of them. It’s too easy to shop online at another place when one site has errors!

So, let’s watch the video and see what can be done about these WooCommerce Errors with ThemeForest Theme.  MORE IMPORTANTLY: Please prevent this from happening in the first place by telling others!

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Never Forget: You Gain Value When you Share Valuable Information



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Has Automattic Been Legally Granted Rights To w-o-o

I’m not even going to try to type this out. Here’s a video with the referenced links below.

Links mentioned in video(s)
Probably the most important link:

The forwarded email from a (non-gpl-issue) person with a ‘W-O-O’ domain:

I’m writing to you on behalf of Automattic Inc. regarding your use of the Woo trademark.
As you may know, Automattic owns the Woo, WooCommerce, and WooThemes brands, as well as the associated trademarks. We recently learned of your site, which actively makes use of our registered trademark in its promotion. We are very concerned that your use of Woo will create confusion by communicating that your WooCommerce products are endorsed by or associated with Automattic, when in fact it is not.
While Automattic appreciates that you are providing products that build on WooCommerce open source software, that fact does not authorize you to use Woo, WooThemes or WooCommerce trademarks. To minimize user confusion and to protect our own intellectual property, we unfortunately must insist that you take prompt steps to change your domain name to something that does not include Woo in prefix.
For more information, please see our Trademark Guidelines:
Please let me know once these changes have been made, and if you have any questions, i’d be happy to answer them.
Kind regards,

One question to Automattic that makes all this drama become DEAD-IN-THE-WATER, ready?

Dear Automattic,can you show us an **approved** Trademark for Woo, WooThemes, and/or WooCommerce? If you can, great! If not, then let’s honestly take a look at **liability**! Do you think you should stop publicly making the claim, and stop instructing employees to send emails claiming that Automattic does indeed **own** those trademarks?


I’m not for or against anyone here. I am, however, always an advocate for clarification! So let’s clear up the bullshit in one line:

After the right has been granted to claim ownership, you can then proceed with emails and/or legal action, but simply filing an application does NOT grant any entity the right to start claiming ownership.

I have to take the kids to tumbling tonight. I have a family to take care of. I have a life that is heavily led outside a code editor, and outside of wpdrama.  If you want to debate, run your own search by clicking this link to search the USPTO database.  Remember you’re looking for approved applications (not just submitted).  You’ll probably want to use the image below, taken from this URL, as a reference.

Does Automattic even have rights to claim ownership of Woo Domains
So, has Automattic actually been given the RIGHTs to the Trademark that they are claiming they own?
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Knock off WooThemes Extensions

Why you should stop using knock off WooCommerce Plugins

What do Knock off WooThemes Extensions Really Cost Y-O-U?

We had this discussion a few years ago in an Advanced Group. Back in the day, on Fridays, I’d go through and look at all the plugins. One day I noticed one from this “gang”.  The “gang” had knock off WooTheme’s Extensions and they had uploaded one of them into the plugin section with TONS AND TONS of links back to their site advertising all of their “other” knock off WooTheme’s Extensions.

Now this was over a year before WooThemes was owned by Automattic. And in the Facebook post (that’s been deleted), a guy named George with JetPack absolutely publicly reamed my a$$ because he thought I didn’t conceptually understand GPL. Instead of answering, “Should this ‘gang’ have their plugin freely hosted on” he went into an ‘offshoot’ of GPL.  I had just simply asked if the Gang’s plugin should really be freely hosted in the .org plugins. George fully proceeded to drop huge F-bombs and demonstrate some really weird “keyboard courage” that he didn’t dare repeat to my face at where I gracefully (obnoxiously) smiled and said “Hi George!”

knock off woothemes extensions
You WILL agree with me OR ELSE!!!

But George is NOT the point here! You’ll find this question / topic / debate come up hundreds of times in Advanced WooCommerce, Advanced WordPress, WooCommerce Marketing, WordPress Help and Share, and all over the innerwebs.  Again, the point here is not George.  Even though he wanted to ‘report me for defamation of character’ and some other weird stuff, I want you to look much deeper.  Look at his passion.  Look at other people’s passion for GPL.  You’ll find the passionate purist GPL people pop up from time to time all over the innerwebs in blogs, Facebook groups, chats, and anywhere else.  So, let’s tackle a few of the issues real quick. And then we’ll move on to ‘why’ you shouldn’t use the knock offs.

Is it Legal? YES! Let’s just make that clear and get it out of the way. But some folk, like George, are very passionate and proud of the open source license. And there’s nothing wrong with that. It’s going to happen. Regardless of how their personal character actually handles their passion about open source, let’s look at those actual sites for a minute….

The real problem with those knock off WooTheme’s Extension sites is that you WILL

wind up paying more.  You’ll wind up paying more in both time …and MONEY!

Let me show you in a quick example:

Suppose you want Storefront Designer. It’s $39 from WooTheme, but you find it for only $10 on another site. Seems like a great deal, right?

Ok, now open THIS LINK and look at the changelog for the Storefront Designer.  Let’s suppose for a minute that you bought the plugin in on August 1st of 2015 for the “low, Low, LOW” price of $10.

storefront designer knock off woothemes extensions
Are these WooThemes Extensions really that cheap? THINK AGAIN!!

Now, look at the official Storefront Designer changelog again. See where it was updated on August 13th?  Now imagine that you’re sitting there with your site wondering why the headers and menu layout is all jacked up.  You’re googling solutions, posting in Facebook groups, and racking your brain trying to figure out what is going on with your WooCommerce site.

broken woocommerce site
I can’t figure out why my WooCommerce site is broken!

Now, so far, you’ve saved a whopping $30 by purchasing Storefront Designer from the knock off site, right? And finally you realize that your woes, stresses, and troubles are all happening because your plugin isn’t updated. Still convinced that it wasn’t worth the extra $30 to buy the real one?  Was all the stress, lost sales, googling, lost sales, broken header, lost sales, and lost time worth it? Remember: you could have spent all that time doing something else. But, you’ve found the problem / bug with your WooCommerce site.  Ok, great.

So now you run back over to the ‘fake’ site because you’ve got to buy the updated plugin !again! (at the low, Low, LOW price of only $10) Now your cost of the plugin has gone to $20 (remember, the real Storefront Designer was only $39).  But, hey, you’ve saved a whopping nineteen bucks at this point ~ rock on right?

Remember those updates that keep the plugin working nicely with other themes and plugins? Well (back over to the changelog) you’re going to have to do it again (after you figure out what’s wrong with your site) in December (at the low, Low, LOW price of only $10)

Now you’ve paid an additional $10 and your cost of Storefront Designer is up to $30! (again, the real one was only $39!)  At this point, you’re probably starting to see where I’m going with this. All your frustration, lost sales, headache, and stress is because you chose to buy the WooTheme’s Extension from that knock off site.

I want you to know that my problem isn’t against people like George who seem to be passionate absolute ‘purists’ with the GPL license.  My argument against the knock off WooThemes Extensions is actually about Y-O-U! Yes, you: The End User!

No really, I’m doing you a favor!

Stop using those sites! It’s going to cost you MORE than you know!  It really is!  It’s not about the GPL. It’s not about some ‘hidden malicious code’ that might be in those plugins. It doesn’t matter how passionate you are about ‘defending the GPL’.  Even if you join the knock off site’s club, it’s still not going to work. They do not give you a notification about updates. They lock-you-in to their monthly club! So you’ll be paying $10 a month.  If you bought the plugin (or theme) from WooThemes, you’d have paid $39. And that $39 license is good for a full year (12 months). Even with a ‘club’ membership, to get the same updates, you’ll have to pay ($10 a month times 12 months) $120!

stop using knock off WooCommerce Extensions
Please just stop using knock off WooCommerce Extensions 🙂

And, in the end, you’ve paid much more than the original plugin.  Oh, and did I mention that you’ll never know when there’s an update and you’ll be losing sales the whole time? I did? Ok. Good!

Again, it really all comes down to YOU. It’s all about the PEOPLE who use WooCommerce!  Please just use authentic WooCommerce Extensions.

( oh, and those knock off WooThemes plugins that were being freely distributed on  Yeah, I got ’em removed.  Even amidst all the name calling and drama from folks, it was ~INDEED~ the right call, and they were removed)

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WooCommerce Beta

WooCommerce Beta 2.5

WooCommerce 2.5 Release Candidate

WooCommerce beta 2.5 is scheduled for release on Monday January 18th.

A few bullet points to remember:

  • You need to be running a local setup:
    • If you’re not running a testing, staging, or local setup of your site, can I please recommend using ServerPress? Grab a copy, test your theme, plugins, and any customizations before pushing it to your live site.  How awesome is that?
  • You need to update!!!! ….but
    • This site is running WooCommerce Beta! So we all can see it working right? But what about that plugin Code that you found in the middle of a Canyon?  Has that plugin author checked their plugin against WooCommerce 2.5?  If they have NOT kept their plugin up to date, and your instincts reach for the update button on WooCommerce, there’s a chance that something is going to break causing you to LOSE money!
    • Instead of customizing a WooTheme, you chose to use a Theme that you found in a Forest.  Ok, fine.  Now, are all those WooCommerce template files up to date?  Has that theme author been following to keep current?  Or is your choice of themes going to cause your store to CLOSE?
  • Have you tested your WHOLE site?
    • Here’s a list of ALL the changes that are coming.  I want to encourage you to look at and review these changes.  IF you (or someone you paid) have added custom code, please check your customizations against these changes.

Remember this post about WooCommerce Updates that I made a few months ago?

I care about your store staying open.  I care about you, your finances, your family, and your success with WooCommerce.  It’s vital that you keep things updated.  And at the same time, it’s also important that your plugins and themes are updated as well.

  1. If you choose to use a plugin written by someone who doesn’t follow the WooCommerce Development site,
  2. If you choose to use a theme created by someone who has haphazardly added WooCommerce features (simply to drive sales),
  3. If you choose to use plugins from one of these knock-off WooCommerce Extension sites,

Then please stop!

WooCommerce’s 2.5 update is great.  The code is crazy good! The new transients are terrific! The sessions are superb. And you should checkout the new checkout page!  But don’t get yourself into a bind.  Use ServerPress. Instead of leaving your store’s fate in the hands of someone elsecustomize Storefront!  Use WooThemes official Extensions!

Now, share, make some dough, and bless someone else 🙂

insanely awesome featured image unashamedly stolen from this post

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DFW WooCommerce Meetup

WooCommerce Meetup | DFW WooCommerce Meetup

DFW WooCommerce Meetup

Our first DFW WooCommerce Meetup is happening soon.  Watch the video below for you chance to jump in, answer a few questions, learn and grow with WooCommerce!

Are you ready for the First DFW WooCommerce Meetup?

I am!! …and I hope you are as well.

1. ) Where

After you watch the video, let me know in the comment section what the best area of town is for you.  For the sake of the group, it needs to be somewhere that is central to both Dallas and Fort Worth.  Somewhere slightly east of the DFW airport seems appropriate.

2. When

We need to have our first meetup probably before kids get out for their Christmas break.  The beginning of the new year needs to start with even better WooCommerce Websites, happier customers, and more sales! (…right?) 🙂


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WooCommerce Update

WooCommerce Update 2.5

WooCommerce Update

There’s a somewhat major WooCommerce Update in the pipeline.  For those of you who are gearing up for the holidays by speeding up your WooCommerce site, adding coupons, and creating awesome notifications…. HAVE NO FEAR!

This update is not slated for release until January of 2016.  Now, when this WooCommerce Update rolls out, some of you are going to have broken sites.  And that stinks!  ….especially since growing your customer base might happen significantly during the holiday season!

So, before January rolls around, before you click update, before you do anything else, I just want to remind you of something: (someone asked me why I’ll only use themes from WooCommerce) If your theme author does not keep up with WooCommerce Updates, you are literally rolling the dice with your family and your business income!

If you are NOT using a theme from, I want you to stop right now and forward this link to your theme author and ask this:

Are you keeping up to date with the latest WooCommerce Update?

If you do not get a response, or you get a ….shifty…. respons, I want to encourage you to go over to and look for another theme! They can all be tweaked, all the colors can change, the layouts can be modified so don’t make “appearance” be your deciding factor.

The most important aspect of running your store is for it to STAY OPEN, right?

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What Theme

What WordPress Theme Should I use with WooCommerce

What Theme Should I Use to Power My WooCommerce Site

If I had a dollar for every time this question was asked…..

It’s really simple.  Use a Theme From WooCommerce!  

I hear what some people say about the “look” of some of WooThemes default themes.  And, sometimes I agree.  But the default styling that you’re seeing on a WooTheme should NEVER be your PRIORITY!

  • Any WordPress theme that overrides WooCommerce MUST be current with WooCommerce
  • There needs to be ZERO jquery conflicts ANYWHERE in the WordPress theme with WooCommerce’s functions
  • Your Theme Author MUST stay up-to-date (or even ahead of) any and all WooCommerce Updates.

Your job is to promote and sell!  Your job as a WooCommerce store owner should not be spending days and days and weeks and weeks waiting for a theme author to update their theme so that your site works.  Yet time and time again, I see people with broken stores on WordPress forums, Facebook Groups, lighting up my Facebook chat, sending emails, and begging for help because something is broke.  Their WooCommerce store is now broken and not functioning! They are LOSING MONEY! Every second, every moment, every click, minute after minute, hour after hour, day after day after day, sometimes even for WEEKS they are losing money because of one choice at the beginning of their journey.

They didn’t choose the right theme.